english: Summary Deus Vult (written by Asante)

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english: Summary Deus Vult (written by Asante)

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Thanks to asante, I quote him:

prologue:[ summary of the background story from an omniscient narrator.

chapter 1: (11. Julii 2659 - Tyrrhenian Sea)
Manolo, Paria at the Exodus-Armatur, is killed by Dreemseed while checking the case of the exodus. Other members of the Armatur:
Jarek, Michaelis-Armatura
Brako, Ramielis-Templar, the operator
Stella, Michaelis-Templar
Tankred, Michaelis-Electus,
Rochus, Raphaelis-Templar,
Botho, Raphaelis-Templar.
Jarek remembers the beginning of the mission: meeting with the konsistorium, preparations for the mission...
than the exodus enters the brandland. in the darkness it get hit by a dreemseed-daemon and is turned upside down. jarek manages to turn it again by flooding the airbags.

chapter 2: (03. Julii 2659 - Ramielsland, Dobris close by Prague)

L�le, sister of angels, remembers the incidents of the pandoramicums. In the mean time she marched to Dobris and helpes with the harvest.
One night, the wanderer appears. They go to a little forrest and talk. He tells her, the time of awakening is come, the sleeper left his vault and the seal is almost written. He also tells L�le, that he is not human.
L�le doesn't understand him. They share the night and at sunrise, the wanderer is gone.chapter 3:[/b] (12. Julii 2659 - Tyrrhenian Sea)

The Exodus turns up again, Brako is able to see a light at the horizon. Stella regains her consciousness, but she has a broken rib.
The south purgatory(?) had destroyed the bridge of gibraltar and with it the collected hope of menkind.
Jarek realises, that it is his job to find out the truth about the samaelits.
After driving for hours, the exodus reaches korsika. brako stays with the exodus, to do some repairs. stella and rochus also remain at the beach for guarding the vehicle. Jarek, Tankred, Botho and Xandra march to the himmel. jarek feels observed.
the group at the beach is surprised by a huge shadow in the night.
jarek and the others arrives at the street to the himmel. on a gate two angel-statues attracts their attention. they are well preserved and even their warskirt flutter in the wind.
one of the statues speaks to jarek, that they are late.
both of them are samaelits, but 1,80m tall and around 25-30 years old. they introduce themselves as midael and juviel. midael tells jarek, that the last ab(? - abbot), ab liborius, died 73 years ago and the last mortal 2623.
the samaelits was able to survive for so long, because most of them sleeps in the himmel and only 5 are awake and keep watch.
jarek asks why the mortals could not father another generation. - it was samaels decision.
midael leads the 4 templars to samael. it is a windowless room, in the center there is a fossil (vorsintflutlich?)-thing.
the samaelit greets samael with a phrase after kneeling down in the middle. he also informs samael, that mortals have come, to rescue them.

jarek tells samael, on his question, about their mission. samaels answer is unexpected:" MISSION NOT ACCOMPLISHABLE. CHANCE FOR FAILURE 1 TO 278000. CONDITIONS MISSING"
on asking, samael lists the conditions:
- breakup the brandland
- 144 human beings for minimal operating of the himmel
- requiered energy reserves 120%
jarek brought masks for the angels, so they can fly through the brandland. samael calculates losings of about 43% but allow the proceeding.
jarek also asks, why the mortals were not allow to father the next generation. samaels last answer: 'GENE POOL TO SMALL. TOO SLIGHT BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY. LONG-DATED CHANCE TO SURVIVAL UNDER 10%.'

chapter 4:(3. Augusti 2659 - Roma AEterna/Lateran)

pontifex maximus petrus secundus wants informations about the exodus-mission from zu gemmingen. gemmingen hits him brutaly and breaks his nose, because his disrespectfulness. furthermore he isolates the pontifex maximus.
the samaelits burst the brandland and flies to aeterna. midael and some other lands on a templar galley at magister adalgis commando. they were acclaimed by the crew. midael remembers jarek and his armatur, who were left behind on corsica, because the delivered the energy reserves to activate the sleeping-chambers with the exodus.
johannes zu gemmingen, the lion, meets with two other konsistorial-cardinals(?), the eagle and the bull, to deliberate. they need a new hope for the people, cause the bridge of gibraltar is destroyed. gemmingen does not believe in the corsica-mission to be a success. he blames the bull, that he failed with the britannia-mission. the eagle drives to the window with his wheelchair and calls their attention to the prophecy of the disciples of the morningstar. they ask themselves why the disciples allays with the urbanis liga, when the samaelits appear at the horizon.
the angels fly to the nova insula, but where send to the michaelis-himmel, to get some rest there. midael, who was choosen to the order-speaker, arrives with the last angels at night and meets ab brindisi. as a reflex he feels brindisis emotions, a potestate which was given the samaelits by the Lord. He finds, like in the spirit of the templars, fear - an emotion, he hasn't felt for ages. Midael intuitively notices that he has to find the reason for it.
Gemmingen wants to find out, how the samaelit could sourvive the years, but has to prepare the ceremony, in which the samaelits renew their vow for the pontifex maximus. notional he sums up the problems within the angelitican church:
ab giullaume leaves the dogma of the church,
ab arbogast wants the replace the konsistorium,
ab brindisi is under good control,
em susat is repressed by the fugitives,
and the raphaelits expand their economical power.
gemmingen can not rate the samaelits.
on the next morning, the ceremony is hold in glory, even a sarielit-choir is present. before leaving the himmel, midael is asked how it feels to be the center of all interesst, by immariel, a michaelit. but midael has no time, stroke her cheek, she blushes, and he flies to the ceremony.
463 samaelits are in the petrus-cathedral, while gemmingen leads the ceremony. midael remermbers, that gemmingen also was at his sanctification (? - weihe). in the course of the ceremony midael is consecrated as the samaelis-ab (- abbot).
the next days, the samaelits adjust to the changed world outside corsica. immariel escorts midael with her troop (? - schar). They are Immariel (Michaelit), Cambriel (Gabrielit), Jael (Ramielit), Umiel (Raphaelit) and Halaniel (Urielit).
later midael meets with the konsistorial-council, ab brindisi, ab orpheo, and massimo di ternit to discuss the next proceeding.
velja should be determined as the samaelis-speaker in the konsistorium, but midael contradicts, because velja is not authorized to speak in samaels namen. he anger the konsistorium by instructing and correcting them.
midael manages to achieve these changes:
- ab orpheo is set back in his old bureau
- the sarielis-spys are under the commando of the samaelits, until the problem with the british isle is solved
- the inquisition is under samaelis commando
- massimo di terni is prior of the samaelits
- velja is agent of konsistorium and samaelits
- the samaelits will stay on the campus sarielitorum
- the scarlet-gardists (?) are under samaelis commando
the scarlet-gardists were called to roma aeterna by special delivery. midael knows, that massimo di terni is one of his new enemies.

chapter 5: (15. Octobri 2659 - Iberia/Madrid)
Isabella of Cordovan travels to Madrid to participate in a meeting of the disciples of the morningstar.
after a meaningless convention, isabella wants victor to tell her, what was meant by "the container", which was meant in the meeting. victor cites a part of the prophecy of the disciples, which deales with a child, who is born as a lodestar. isabella sees, that the disciples want her child.

chapter 6: (16. Octobri 2659 - Gabrielisland, a street to Nuremberg)
L�le is pregnant after the affair with the wanderer. She marches to Nuremberg, to hide there.

chapter 7: (17. Novembri 2659 - Roma AEterna/Castra Samaelitorum, Campus Sarielitorum)
Within weeks, midael draw out a army of 11000 women and men.
he send a legation to mont salvage to depose ab guillaume, because of his heretical behaviour.
he is harsh criticiesed by velja, for besiege the arx. he did so, to brake the defiance of the raguelits. midael agrees to withdraw the scarlet-gardists.
at night the samaelis-ab gets a secret message and a little medal from the raguelits. he should come to meet them. midael directly flies to the arx and can open a door at one of the platform with the medal. in the arx he is welcomed by svantje, a raguelis-begine (?). she leads him deeper in the arx, where they meets the robotor M.A.N.T.I.S., which he destroys, because he thinks it is dreemseed. Than he is introduced to archmechanicus (?) haakon von melhus, who suggests a secretly fusion of raguelits and samaelits and also tells him, ab arbogast wants to make synthetic angels with the help of the liber raguelitorum, which is in the arx.
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Re: english: Deus Vult (written by Assante)

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Chapter 8: (20. Octobri 2659 Gabrielisland/Near Nuremberg)
- L�le experiences a rebellion in front of a gate, which is put down by the templars. the raphaelis monk mertins takes her illegaly in the town.

Chapter 9: (22. Novembri 2659 Roma Aeterna/Castra Samaelitorum, Campus Sarielitorum)
- Midael retreats the scarlet gardists from the arx, after consulting haakon. the few who stands there are official for observation, inofficial for protecting the arx against the ramielits.
He also agrees Haakons offer to merging their two ordens
- on his way back from the arx, midael is attacked by two black angels. both where send by the church to stop his heretical behaviour. with the help of halaniel, midael kills both angels.
- one destroys himself with the potestate sacrificial lamb, the other is a michaelit, but the mighty word (or how it is called, the word which "freezes" an angel) has no power over him.
- they bring the michaelit into the arx
- haakon shows midael thariel, the last angel of raguel. he is in a machine from the time bevore the flood.
thariel tells midael, God models the angels for their duties, which is the reason for his "tentacle-arm". he also tells midael, that he begets a child.

Chapter 10: (22. Novembri 2659 Iberia/Cordova)
- Isabella called a meeting of the urbanis league, to let them vow for the war against the church.
at the side of benren II. there is prior fidel. he flew from the himmel, when the scarlet gardists came.
media, the lion of of lion, doesn't want to fight against the church and leaves with some other diadochs.
- Isabella has to abort the conference, because she isn't fit enough. she tells rozanna to assassinate fidel.

Chapter 11: (26. Novembri 2659 Roma Aeterna/Nova Insula, Lateran)
- Johannes von Gemmingen gets the prophecy of the deciples of the morningstar from a spy. she also tells him about isabellas plans. her next job is to shadow fidel.
- von Gemmingen meets with the eagle and the bull to inform them about the latest informations. they conclude, that the deciples think isabellas child is the messiah from the prophecy.
They plan to take them their hope. How they want to do that, is not said.
- Gemmingen visits the basements of the lateran. There he inspects the holiness and asks a doctor about the pontifexs health.

Chapter 12: (27. Novembri 2659 Roma Aeterna/Castra Samaelitorum, Campus Sarielitorum)
- Midael reviews the latest events.
ab guillaume flee with some templars into the primeval forest
at the westcoast of the balkans, the town tirana was destroyed by a purgatory.
midael invited ab arbogast, to meet him in person.
immariel informs midael, that halaniel dissapeared. whereupon midael makes them to his personal troop.
- midael meets haakon, who anatomise the black angel with some monks and nuns. they find technical things in the body, which strengthen the potestates.

Chapter 13: (2. Januarii 2660 Nuremberg/Sebaldus-abbey)
- L�le lives for three months in the abbey and helps to care for the sick. while a weekly control she is deteced as illegal habitant. when a tank in the brewer-quarter explodes, mertin take the chance and send the templar there.
when the gabrielis monk came back, l�le hides. at her question, why mertin always helps her, he answers, it would be Gods will and she remembers him of his sister.

Chapter 14: (4. Januarii 2660 Iberia/near malaga)
- the deciples of the morningstar make a huge ceremony, to show their followers isabella, as the mother of their saviour.
- in the end, isabella sees, which power these religious fanatics really have and she is not shure, if she can control them.

Chapter 15: (8. Januarii 2660 Roma Aeterna/Castra Samaelitorum, Campus Sarielitorum)
- ab arbogast reaches aeterna. firstly he meets the pontifex. meanwhile ab guillaume is killed in a skirmish by the scarlet-gardists. midael is exhausted by always new problems.
- when arbogast and midael meets, they argue. midael accuses arbogast of taking the control over the church. his behaviour give his plans away. midael arrests arbogast for interrogations.
- midael tells immariel about the events. immariel had heard about halaniels whereabouts. he is kept imprisoned by the deciples on the latinic-isle.
- on their way there, midael feals bad. in a house they find an access to the sewers.
- midael is in doubt, if its right to go there. as they enter a huge room, the trap snaps.
massimo di terni and some mercs have halaniel. immariel attacs midael, who notes it to late, but can deflect the hit by his samaelis-sickle and injure her. as her last act, immariel tries to kill midael with sacrifical lamb.
- midael wakes up in the arx. haakon has plugged him into a machine, which heals him. the samaelit realizes, that he rumbled immariel long ago, but doesn't want to admit it.

Chapter 16: (2. April 2660 Nuremberg/Gabrielis himmel)
- a messenger tells em susat, that the konsistorium(?) wants all pregnants and one year old children under their authority. susat breaks into his speech. she tells him, that she will not act against dogma and his lords can screw her.
Immediatly she meets with her prior and kustos to discuss their next actions.
- L�le lays in the stable of the sebaldus-abbey and waits for the birth of her child.
- Isabella gets a vision. she sees a burning thornbush, who tells her, that the time of arrival have come and the seal is completed. then she sees the world from above and finds out, that the purgatories burn a seal onto the earth.
- L�le gets her contractions. as the child comes, the gabrielis monk returns and want to arrest her. mariel, a gabrielit, appears and reprimands him. she cuts the umbilical cord and mentions a light, she has seen over the stable.
L�le calls her daughter Schaw�.
- Isabellas childbirth is more complicant, the child lays back to front and alvaro has to do a cesarean. Isabella passes out. Her son looks very adult. Again she gets a vision
She stands in an inferno and the thornbush elapse in a fireball. The purgatory dies and isabella stands at a vaporized lake. a youngling come up to her. his body is covered with the signs of the Lord and in his neck there is a half humanoid, half insektoid creature. It tells Isabella, that they have freed it from its jail. At the horizon appears another person and the youngling melts into flys and fly away.
The person at the horizon is the wanderer, he tells Isabella "What happend, need to be happen" and announces that the Lord will come to judge.
- Isabella wakes and sees her son. He has the same eyes as the youngling from her vision. She calls him Naphal.
Outside is a severe storm, which quakes the town.
- For a moment, the world holds it'S breath, as the purgatories extinguish. The follow-up will be terrible, but this day will go down in history as a day of happieness.

- the narrator outtells the story. he reports, that one kind was born for change the world's face and one for recovering the balance.
everything happen, as it should happen. humans only affect how it happens. in the end, everything is God's will.

ok... thats it.
hope you enjoy it ;)

i'm terrible curious about the last roman... hope it will be april soon
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Re: english: Summary Deus Vult (written by Assante)

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i'll correct it, but i have to go now

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Re: english: Summary Deus Vult (written by Assante)

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ah, very cool. i thought it was lost... thanks a lot!! :)
next time, i'll make some backups! ^^

btw: asante is with one s only ;)

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Re: english: Summary Deus Vult (written by Asante)

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whups, sorry :D


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