How do Engel age and how they look

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How do Engel age and how they look

Beitrag von Kirinel » 31.08.2003 - 08:37

Hello everyone. American Engel lover here. I'm sorry for posting in English, but I tried positing in German using an on-line translator and it just does not work.

My question is this. Since Engel are so very young...between 6 - 14, does the process which transform the children into Engel accelerate their growth, making the younger Engel 6-10 appear older than they really are?

I just can't imagine a 8 y/o being allowed to fly into battle against elephant sized acid spewing dreamseed, so i'm assuming the Engel appear much older than than actually are.

Is this correct?

Thank you and again sorry for the english, but belive me it's better this way...if you don't belive it...check out my first post and see for your self :)

Love Always
Kirinel the Urielite

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Beitrag von Erzählerin » 01.09.2003 - 10:36

Hi Kiriniel!

Regarding the artwork in the Engel core rulebook, I totally understand that you assume that Engel, despite their young age, look like adults, but the concept of Engel really wants 8-year-olds charging into battle with elephant-sized Dreamseed. I don't know if Order Book: Michaelites was published in the US yet, but the artwork in this book and the following will present the they-really-are-children look much better than the core rulebook did.
It sure is disturbing to imagine winged small children fighting and being killed by Dreamseed creatures, but in some way, it is intended to be just that. Disturbing. That totally fits the picture of the Angelic Church (is that what you call it in English? I don't know for sure) that was intended to appear in players' minds once they recognize what their characters really are, and how they were taken from their families and how they were told only lies about their origins.

Of course, if you don't like this idea, feel free to change it. The Baptism renders little children capable of things no human could ever hope to achieve and makes them as strong and resistant as adults. Why shouldn't it also quicken their aging process?

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Beitrag von Raphael » 20.04.2004 - 00:27

Ich verschieb das hier ins SL-only-Forum
weil es Spielleiterwissen enthält.

Wollen ja niemandem den Spaß nehmen *g*


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